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The Art of
Intentional Relationships


Are you in a relationship
that lights you up
inspires you
fulfills you

Or are you in a relationship
(or have a history of creating relationships)
that are dull
leave you wanting more

Falling in love feels so good
But falling into a relationship
-- what most of us do --
often leaves us unfulfilled

If you're ready to create your next relationship
- or recreate your current relationship -
that is filled with

join Ted Riter and Leslie Bauer for
The Art of Intentional Relationships

In this 6-week course you will explore the 3 core values of
Intentional Relationships:
An Aligned Vision
A Commitment To Each Other's Health & Wellbeing
Sexual Polarity
and more


Crafting an Aligned Vision:

Shape the future of your love story together! In this module, we guide you through the art of creating a shared vision, aligning your dreams, and building a relationship that thrives on a profound sense of purpose and togetherness.

Sexual Polarity and Intimacy Dynamics:

Discover the electrifying world of sexual polarity and unlock the secrets to reigniting passion in your relationship. In this sensual exploration, you'll learn to cultivate desire and intimacy that transcends the ordinary.


Boundaries and Autonomy:

Empower your relationship with the strength of healthy boundaries! Explore the liberating dynamics of autonomy within partnerships, equipping you with the communication skills to foster individual growth while deepening the connection you share.


Commitment to Health and Wellbeing:

Elevate your relationship by prioritizing wellness! Dive into a transformative experience where you and your partner will uncover the keys to supporting each other's physical and emotional health, forging a connection that radiates vitality and happiness.

Honest Conversations and Vulnerability:

Transform your communication and deepen your connection through the power of vulnerability. Uncover the art of honest conversations, learning to navigate difficult topics with grace and fostering a level of trust and intimacy that transcends the ordinary.


Repair Work and Resilience:

Experience the resilience that transforms challenges into opportunities for growth. Acquire the skills of emotional repair, rebuilding trust, and creating a relationship that not only withstands the storms but emerges stronger and more connected than ever before.


The Art of Intentional Relationships is:

  • 6 Modules over a 6-week period, taught in 2-hour sessions. Each session will include a teaching, Q&A, and an embodied practice that can be done solo or with a partner.

  • Weekly 1-hour "Office Hours" for extended Q&A.

  • A Community Forum for connecting with others and asking Ted & Leslie questions.

  • Recordings of all calls that you'll have access to for as long as the program is published.

  • $1200 for a lifetime membership (this price will go up for future cohorts)

  • By application and interview only





5-7pm Pacific Time:

2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 2/29, 3/7, 3/14


Office Hours:

Tuesdays except where noted

12:30-1:30pm Pacific Time:

2/13, 2/19 (Monday), 2/27, 3/5, 3/12

Ted Riter & Leslie Bauer

Ted is a guide for those seeking deeper connections to self, others and Source. Combining over 30 years as a teacher and spiritual leader with his personal journey as a husband, father, and friend, Ted is known for bringing a trustable, playful, and heart-centered approach to personal growth and (re)building relationships.

Leslie embodies the essence of Big Love with her open heart and welcoming spirit. As both a mentor and friend, she is generous, insightful, and an expert at creating a space where individuals feel deeply seen and heard. Leslie's journey, woven with threads of personal growth and profound connections, inspires others to explore their own paths to self-discovery.

Ted & Leslie started creating their Intentional Relationship in 2016 and have a 14 year old daughter and 18 year old son.



Who is this program for?

The Art of Intentional Relationships is for anyone interested in creating a future Amazing Relationship AND for anyone already in a relationship who wants to build their relationship skills so that they can be in an Amazing Relationship with their current partner. Our belief is that it is never too late to create new relationship patterns – it simply takes Intention and Attention.


What if I’m not in a relationship?

You do not need to be in a relationship to participate in this program. You can join with a friend or participate solo. If you’re on a call on your own and we are starting a partnered practice, we may be able to pair you with another solo practitioner. Our only request, in fact it will be a signed agreement, is that you not use the opportunity to hit on or stalk other participants.

What if I’m in a relationship but my partner doesn’t want to participate?

It is absolutely possible to participate in this program without your partner. We’ll even guide you on integrating what you’ve learned into your life if you think there’s room for it in your relationship.


Is this a welcome place for LBGTQ+ participants?

Everyone is welcomed and celebrated in The Art of Intentional Relationships. We will sometimes use the term “masculine” and “feminine” to describe the universal energies we all have that are not bound by gender or sexuality.


What if I miss a session?

All calls will be recorded and available on a private and secure site.


What does it mean that The Art of Intentional Relationships comes with a “lifetime membership”?

After the initial cohort, recordings will be recrafted as “evergreen” or “on demand” modules. For as long as we are running the evergreen program, you will have access to the recordings and are welcome to join the Office Hours.


Can you explain the course fee?

The tuition for The Art of Intentional Relationships is $1200. You are welcome to participate on your own or bring a partner for no additional cost.


Can I get a refund if I do not complete The Art of Intentional Relationships?

We will not offer refunds if you do not complete this course.

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