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Private Coaching

Does your story sound like this:

"I can’t feel their heart"
"We’ve lost our passion or connection"

"We no longer trust each other"
"There must be something more"


There is more

There is a way to go deeper in your relationship
even after many years of partnership

There is a way to create passion

There is a way to move past old stories and heal old hurts

There is a way

You were simply never taught what to do to keep a relationship vibrant and alive.
You were never taught how to let go of your shame for having needs and desires.
You were never taught that it was ok to want something more than a best friend.


My clients,

whether on their own or with their partner, often work with me on:

  • Boundary Creating and Celebrating

  • Trust Building and Rebuilding

  • Intentional Communicating

  • Nervous System Regulating

  • Limiting Belief Breaking

  • Relationship Decoding

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Heart Connecting

Drawing from over 30 years of working with individuals and couples

as they navigated the ups and downs of their lives

(and stumbling through plenty of my own ups and downs as well)

my approach blends modern theories of coaching and relationship science

with an alchemy of mysticism, tantra and mussar

placing a special emphasis on

embodied practices, breathwork and conscious conversations

In our sessions together, expect to



activate your nervous system

work through your triggers

be lovingly and sharply held


Private coaching sessions are held by phone, on Zoom and in person

Our private sessions allow for the ultimate in depth and intimacy

During our time together,

we will explore old stories and habitual responses

that may be keeping you from growing in your relationships

in your profession

and in your sense of self

We will rebuild trust that may have been broken

and not just do things to appear trustable

but retrain your nervous system to become trustable

We will sharpen your integrity

We will meet your shadows and taboos in a healthy way

that will benefit you and your partner

in your current or next relationship.

We will activate sexual energies that we naturally embody

but were taught to ignore


And we will practice new patterns of communication

that will change the way you connect with others.

Praise Practice

Praise Practice

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Leslie and I do this praise practice every day and it continues to deepen our relationship.

Me: I praise Leslie for how she shows up, who she is being, or what she does, though I try to broaden it so it’s not a thank you for something she’s done for me.

Leslie: She lets my words settle in to not just hear them but to also feel them land in her body. She might respond with a thank you or it might lead to a whole beautiful conversation.

Me: “What else can I praise you for?”

Leslie: This is sometimes super hard to voice if we aren’t feeling praiseworthy at the moment. If she cannot come up with anything, I simply wait until she does.

Leslie: “I’d like you to praise me for…”

Ted: I then respond using her words and adding my own embellishment to show that I not only heard her request, but I also see that place that is worthy of praise.