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“Be a Good Guy”

is what they taught you.


And so ... you became one.

You now have your family, career, and reputation to show for it.


But, when they were teaching you to be a good guy,

they did not say... 

being a good guy can also leave you feeling Empty:

Without Purpose, Passion, Fulfillment, and Sense of worth


They did not say... being a good guy

can also leave you feeling: Depleted, Lonely, and Empty


This is NOT a call to stop being a good person.

But it is a call for those who yearn for something more.

You have a choice!

Be a Good Guy


Be something MORE,

Experience something MORE,

Live something MORE.

In this confidential circle of men,

you will be

supported, challenged, and loved.

You will be called upon to deepen and stretch

in ways you may not have experienced.

You will be taught to strengthen your nervous system

so you can show up more powerfully

for your loved ones, your colleagues, and your community.

You will focus your purpose,

deepen your most important relationships,

build a brotherhood,


be nourished to your core.

The Wisdom Circle
is drawn from the systems of embodiment, breathwork, and Mussar,
informed by the teachings of such ground breaking men's work leaders as
John Wineland, Robert Glover, and David Deida,
and emphasizes integrity, nourishment, and consciousness.


The Wisdom Circle

  • Monthly circles; February - May

  • Application and Interview are required

  • $360

TWC is in progress.
Apply for new group beginning in July through button ->


Ted Riter

is a certified Embodiment Teacher, Relationship Coach, Men’s Work Trainer, and Spiritual Leader. He has 25+ years of experience in guiding individuals and couples through their relationships, and is known for his playful, deep, heart-centered approach to personal growth and relating. 

In addition to coaching and leading his own programs, Ted leads embodiment programs 

for internationally recognized teacher and author John Wineland.

Ted is certified as:

  • a Teacher of Embodiment by the The 1000 Hour Teacher Training with John Wineland,

  • a Coach by The Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence

  • a Coach by No More Mr. Nice Guy, Dr. Robert Glover

  • a Mediator by the National Conflict Resolution Center,

  • a Mashpiah / Spiritual Director by ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, and

  • a Rabbi by the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

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