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Are you looking for

more love or more freedom?


When you dig down to the core of what drives you, what gets you stuck, what enlivens you, what frustrates you, what brings you to my website, you’ll likely find one or both of these waiting for you: a desire for more love or a desire for more freedom


It might sound like:

“We have no passion”

“We cannot connect”

“We’ve lost our trust in each other”


It might feel like grief, shame, emptiness, loneliness or fear


It might look like you’re trapped, burdened or overwhelmed

It might read like an old story with ongoing sequels of why you cannot break out of these patterns and have “success” (in your relationship, profession, life)


And the thought loop in your head might be: “I’ll never be enough” or “I’m always too much”


Perhaps you see yourself in one of these

I’ve seen myself in all of these

And, I've come to believe…


Trust can be built, broken and then rebuilt


Passion and Connection can be discovered, lost, and then rediscovered


Old stories of how things always go can be rewritten


Shame can be overcome


And relationships do not have to be difficult

I believe


There is a spark of the Divine in each of us


Grief is one of our most powerful teachers


Sacred and spiritual moments are waiting for us to create them


Relationships are a path to healing mind, body and soul...and to healing the world



I believe in







Ted and his wife Leslie in a playful embrace

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