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A Ketamine Assisted Men's Group

based upon


Directed Embodied Entheogen Protocol™


Pilot Cohort

DEEP Work is a six-week groundbreaking experience for men seeking profound personal healing, growth, and belonging.


DEEP Work draws upon embodied practices, breathwork, and intentional communication tools used successfully for decades in powerful men's groups around the world. This experience, on its own, typically helps men transform their lives, define or refine their purpose, and improve their relationships.

For the first time ever, The DEEP Work Pilot Cohort will augment this type of deep practice with medically-approved ketamine treatments and DEEP: Directed Embodied Entheogen Protocol™ a proprietary system created by Ted Riter


We believe that ketamine assisted men's work will accelerate your breakthroughs and growth.


Ketamine will be used both before and during the sessions. Its use is aimed at reducing resistance and enhancing neuroplasticity, thereby facilitating the identification of patterns, breaking of old habits, and opening up to new possibilities. This approach is intended to support deeper exploration and transformative experiences throughout the program.

For more information on the benefits and experience of ketamine, please visit the well3 website.


Participation requires an application and interview. Once approved, each participant will obtain a legal ketamine prescription from well3 or another provider. 

Throughout the program and periodically afterward, participants will be asked for feedback and updates, in order to determine the success of adding ketamine to this type of men's work.

The program is led by Ted Riter, who, with over 30 years of experience leading transformative work, combines his roles as teacher, spiritual leader, guide and coach to create a safe and healthy container for this profound journey. Ted is certified in multiple health and wellness modalities including Sexual Polarity and Masculine Embodiment, and Social + Emotional Intelligence. He is also an ordained Rabbi and Spiritual Director. Ted leads men's groups locally and internationally, and is a leader in the use of psychedelics for personal and relational growth, having created DEEP: Directed Embodied Entheogen Protocol™His work is characterized by a trustable, playful, and heart-centered approach, focusing on deeper connections to self, others, and Source.

is drawn from systems of embodiment, breathwork, polarity and Mussar,
and emphasizes healing, growth, and belonging.


  • Weekly circles in person in Redwood City, California

  • Dates TBA

  • Signal thread for ongoing support and connection

  • Application and Interview are required

  • Medical prescription required

  • $1200 (cost of prescription not included)

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