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Facebook Live with Leslie Grace, my co-facilitator for Sacred Journey Into Intimacy.

Recorded August 29, 2023

Insight into what we are creating, reflections from past experiences, and an invitation to our next cohort. 

Episode 48: Deepening Intimacy: Embodiment & Healing for Lasting Connection with Ted Riter

Guest appearance on The Path with Mike Salemi

Recorded August 3, 2023

To listen to the entire podcast, click HERE.

Today, I am joined by Ted Riter. He is a seasoned embodiment and sexual polarity teacher, sought after relationship coach, and spiritual leader with over three decades of experience guiding individuals and couples in their transformative journeys. In today's topic, we aim to transcend the barriers of modern-day men's work, exploring what truly lies at its core and the power of genuine feedback.

Ted provides insights that will bring you closer to your partner and leave an impact on generations to come. Join us in our discussion where love, healing, and transformation unite - guiding us towards a more enlightened and trustworthy existence.

How Do Jews Have Awesome Relationships? with Ted Riter

Guest appearance on the Bad Jew podcast with Chas Volk.

Recorded July 5, 2023

What is a relationship? And in which context are we defining it? These general questions are too vague to answer simply. A 'relationship' tends to be romantic. Expanding on that, it can be with your very own health (physical and/or mental). You can have a relationship with your family, your community, your neighborhood, and even G-d. When G-d enters the picture, one might even realize that the divine is in... everything, and thus awesome relationships can have a certain sense of G-d conscious awareness.


In this in-depth episode, Ted Riter, Embodiment & Sexual Polarity Teacher, Relationship Coach, Men’s Work Trainer, and ordained Rabbi, tackles the definition of a 'relationship' with care and tenderness. With his Rabbinic background, he ties his Jewish studies to his relationship coaching, giving an incredibly holistic and unique lesson on all of the ways relationships impact us. Chaz Volk, host of Bad Jew, pushes the show into personal spaces while learning new ways to embrace meditation, prayer, and general embrace.

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