Thank you for joining me on my presentation to Tulane Alumni entitled: 

When the Going Gets Tough, How Do the Tough Find Balance:

Growing and thriving in challenging times.

This page includes both a link to a free assessment for identifying your key saboteurs

and details on a special 7 week program created just for you.


When you were at Tulane,

you may have envisioned the waves of your future rolling ahead something like this:

• I’ll graduate and progress in my career
• Perhaps I’ll meet a love and create a family
• Maybe I’ll travel the world, meet new people and experience everything life has to offer.
• And in my spare time, I will find opportunities to volunteer and give back to my community.
• Everything will happen when and how it is supposed to happen.

Most college graduates have some version of this in their mind.

But somewhere along the way, we learn life doesn’t always go as planned

and the waves may break apart early or even crash against the rocks.

And then we hit 2020.

A year where almost nothing has gone as planned

and nearly everyone has struggled with some combination of their relationships, health and finances.

Getting through all of this and coming out healthier is possible.

Though it's not necessarily easy.

I've created a 7-week mental fitness program that will help you find solid grounding

for today's challenges

and tomorrow's.

Built around a neuroscience-tested framework

created by Shirzad Chamine, author of the New York Times best-selling book, Positive Intelligence,

this is a deep dive into understanding the critical voices (saboteurs) that keep you imbalanced

and helps you access your wisest self (sage) to keep you IN balance. 

The program includes:

Shirzad's Positive Intelligence app with daily reminders for the day’s focus, challenges, and reflections, and weekly pre-recorded video teaching concepts. 

(A $995 value)

Weekly group coaching sessions led by Ted to review the week’s learnings and apply them to your life. Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30p.m. Pacific Time, beginning November 3.

(An $1800 value)

Private 1:1 coaching sessions with Ted to personalize your experience.

(A $1500 value)

Space for this course is limited to 10 participants.

The entire cost of this program is $1000.

(A $4295 value)

Ted Riter (A&S ’90)

is an expert in transitions and building trust,
and is one of the few coaches in North America authorized by Shirzad Chamine
to use the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness system.
His clients include organizations going through leadership change,
couples going through relationship change, and individuals going through life change. Ted brings his background as a rabbi and intimacy teacher
to lead an embodied practice that focuses on strengthening the nervous system
and breaking through old no-longer-serving life patterns.