©2019 by Ted Riter



For anyone in a relationship who thinks:

  • I can’t feel their heart.

  • We’ve lost our passion or connection.

  • There must be something more.

There is more!

There is a way to go deeper in your relationship even after many years of partnership.

There is a way to create passion.

There is a way to move past old stories and heal old hurts.

There is a way.

You were simply never taught what to do to keep a relationship vibrant and alive.

You were never taught how to let go of your shame for having needs and desires.

You were never taught that it was ok to want something more than a best friend.

Spiritual Intimacy

is a deep-heart embodied dive into your relationship.

You will learn:

  • The art of intimate connection,

  • The dance of masculine and feminine energies,

  • How to claim your partner,

  • How to open your heart in relationship,

  • And how to embody your truth.

Spiritual Intimacy is open to adults of

all gender and sexual identities,

all relationship statuses,

and all religious and spiritual beliefs,

or no beliefs at all.

Ted has more than 25 years of guiding people like you into deeper relationships.

His work is welcoming, opening, and deepening.

Ted works with individuals, couples and groups.

Ted is currently a student of and support to John Wineland

and other internationally recognized teachers of spiritual intimacy.