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“Change is …

  • … the only constant in life.”
         — Heraclitus — Greek philosopher, 500 BCE

  • … inevitable. Growth is optional.”
         — John Maxwell — Author and leadership guru, 21st century

  • … to be avoided, desperately needed, and scary.”
         — Most everyone in organizational and business life — perhaps you too.

Are you experiencing change in your organization or company? Are you wishing you were experiencing change? Are you wishing there was less resistance to change?

Change — or the lack thereof — can be an enormous point of stress in your workplace. However, with a carefully designed transition plan, changes can be implemented smoothly and effectively, build a common sense of purpose, and create a supportive team environment.

My client organizations work with me because:

  • They are at or are approaching an inflection point.

  • They are anticipating or are in the midst of a leadership transition.

  • They are experiencing resistance to change.

  • They are in crisis.

  • They wish to create a culture that is productive, meaningful, and fun — free from overwhelm, angst, and conflict.

As your consultant, I will listen for and respect your needs and vision and yet not hesitate to identify your organization’s blind spots and call out the elephant in the room. I will shepherd you through even the most challenging transitions and yet hold you accountable every step of the way.

When you are ready for a change in your work environment, know that…

I get you...and I’ve got you.

Some Details:
Though each business and organizational design partnership is unique and I do not use a pre-packaged program, our work typically includes exploratory meetings, group workshops, and follow-up one-on-one coaching. We meet by phone, video, and in person.




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