In the Nonprofit Leadership Mastermind, you will find your people:
An elite group of inspired and inspiring leaders who are ready to soar to the next level of leadership.

I love the nonprofit world and mission driven people who lead these organizations. In the U.S., we have over 1.4 million registered nonprofits, employ over 14 million people (plus over 62 million volunteers) and
contribute close to $100 billion to the economy. And, together, we change the world.

Leaders of nonprofits are passionate and compassionate.

And, many are:

  •      TIRED

  •      LONELY

  •      STRESSED

Does this describe you?

How many of the following are true?

  • I have no capacity to think big picture because I’m working on the crisis of the day.

  • I’m honored and thrilled to have this position. I know my field. And...I don’t really know how to lead.

  • My board members are living out their childhood wounds, relationship dysfunctions, and professional frustrations at our meetings.

  • My private life is suffering. My private life is a mess. My private life does not exist.

  • I started in this sector before all of the government and societal changes and now I’m frustrated.

  • Everyone turns to me for an answer and I sometimes feel like I’m making it up as I go.

  • The only people who really “get it” are either the “competition” or are too busy to meet.

  • I do my best to keep up with leadership and sector “best practices” but find myself skimming the articles rather than putting these concepts into practice.

  • I just don’t have time to get everything done.

  • Rather than focusing on the big picture, I’m spending much of my time in a place of scarcity.


Many nonprofit leaders are content to struggle:

“This is what I signed up for.”        “What else would I do?”

“This organization needs me.”

While these thoughts might all be true, there are some solutions. For some, the solution is hiring an executive coach or bringing in a consultant. While these can be career and life changing options, for many, these options seem out of reach or are simply missing something.

The Nonprofit Leadership Mastermind delivers where coaching and
consulting cannot. The mastermind approach is used successfully in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors, to achieve goals by drawing on the expertise of our peers, creating healthy accountability and forming powerful, tight-knit groups.

Members of the Nonprofit Leadership Mastermind will share their wisdom and insight, support you in your struggles, and celebrate with you in your victories.

The Nonprofit Leadership Mastermind will focus on:

Peer Network: Creating community based in confidentiality and vulnerability.

Hive Mind: Drawing on the wisdom of our peers in a supportive environment.

Accountability: Holding each other firmly and compassionately to our best selves as leaders and people.

Coaching: Coaching on who we are being as leaders.

Training: Expanding our capacity to lead through mindfulness and embodiment practices.

Goals: Setting inspiring goals professionally and personally.

Growth: Owning our leadership.


The Nonprofit Leadership Mastermind is a select group of leaders who are mission driven, making an impact in the world, and ready to rise to the next level.

Nonprofit Leadership Mastermind meets by Zoom web conferencing twice a month for six months. The program includes bimonthly video calls, access to a private online discussion space, and 2 private coaching sessions with Ted.

For an application or a conversation about this program, contact Ted directly.




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