Invest in your people
in addition to their product


Your early-stage companies are breaking into new markets

and some of their leaders are not telling you they are feeling broken.


Your startups are disrupting their sectors

and some of their visionaries are disrupting their relationships, health, and sense of self.


Your founders are flinching every time they hear your name

even if you see yourself as easily approachable and nonthreatening.



The startup culture can be brutal for even seasoned serial entrepreneurs.

Faced with external pressures from investors, co-founders, and family,

along with internal pressures of self-doubt, perfectionism, and impostor syndrome,

many founders struggle to keep their heads above water.

And yet,

they continue to relentlessly push ahead

because they know their current round of funding could be their last.

None of this is good for the product they are creating.

And, ultimately, none of this is good for your investment.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Ted Riter has created a proprietary system that weaves modern science and ancient techniques

into an embodied training program for strengthening social and emotional intelligence.

By focusing on inner practices that stretch the nervous system

and outer practices that imprint new communication skills,

your leaders can learn to be grounded during even the most stressful times of their business cycle.

Participants walk away from this program with:

  • Improved communication skills

  • An expanded ability to make critical decisions

  • Tools for healthier life choices

  • A tailored practice to self-nourish and replenish their energy

This is an investment that changes their world

and exponentially impacts their products

Ted is available to teach this program

as an introductory lunch-and-learn type session,

an extended month program,

or one-on-one with your most inspiring leaders and companies.




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