Training for a healthier leadership * Training for a healthier life

This is the training you did NOT receive in businessl school.

Here, we get real.

Here, we talk about overwhelm and fear.

Here, we dig into our shadows of inauthenticity, inadequacy, and shame.

Here, we shift the paradigm of leadership toxicity.

Here, we learn to trust and be trustable.

Here, we are vulnerable and challenged and supported and loved.

This is not comfortable work and this is not ordinary space.

This is powerful embodied practice that will expand your capacity for healthy leadership.

This is where we begin our education of what it means to be a leader.

This is where we come into wholeness.

Empowered Leadership Training is part mastermind, part peer support, part group coaching, part embodiment training, and a complete way to a healthier leadership.

  • Leverage modern leadership theory, mindfulness training, and embodied practices to strengthen your leadership potential;

  • Work with power differentials, polarities, and communication models that you can immediately put into action; 

  • Hold space for others, navigate transitions, and embrace change; and

  • Feel the power of being supported by a cohort of inspired and inspiring leaders like you.

Empowered Leadership Training is a four-month program, with limited space, and is by application only. Sessions are held bimonthly over the Zoom conference platform. Each participant receives one private coaching session. 




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