Rose on fire

of Your Heart

With Ted Riter & Kari Kinkead

A guided journey 

Into intimacy

Into play

Into your edges? 

In this 90-day program for individuals and couples, you will learn to play at your edge with an open heart, pierce the heart of your lover, expand your ability to receive, and breathe new life and passion into your current or future relationship. 


Combining two private in-person Intensives with practice calls and a select community of practitioners, you will experience your heart opening in new ways with your partner, you will let go of old stories that no longer serve you in your relationships, and you will embody a love and consciousness that will change your life.

Our journey will focus on:

  • Awakening, embracing and expressing your deepest desires

  • Igniting pleasure in your body

  • Honoring your own innate Masculine and Feminine energies

  • Moving sensations, emotions, and energy through your body

  • Breathing as sexual practice

  • Amplifying sexual energy and circulating it with your partner

  • Stretching your nervous system for intimacy

  • Using play to move through conflict

  • Rewriting your old relationship stories

  • Playing with your sexual shadows and taboos

  • Boundary setting as foreplay

  • Claiming your partner

  • Liberating your wild heart


All calls will be on Zoom

Call 1             January 5; 5-7pm PDT
Intensive 1  January 13-15; Bay Area
Call 2             January 19; 5-7pm PDT
Call 3             February 2; 5-7pm PDT
Call 4             February 16; 5-7pm PDT
Call 5             March 2; 5-7pm PDT
Call 6             March 16; 5-7pm PDT
Intensive 2  March 31-April 2; Austin


Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants more in their relationships - more love, more passion, more playfulness, more permission to be fully expressed.

What if I’m not in a relationship?

You do not need to be in a relationship to participate. Whether you see this as practice for your next relationship or for your own enjoyment, this program will help you clarify your needs, play with your desires, and unabashedly experience yourself more fully.

What if I’m in a relationship but my partner doesn’t want to participate?

We’ve found that participating without your partner can be a real gift to both of you when you return more enlivened and having experienced what could be possible in your relationship.

What does “playing at your edge” look like?

We recognize that everyone’s edge looks different AND everyone’s edge will continue to expand and contract throughout life. In this program, your edge will be a bit beyond what is comfortable for you. Though we believe leaning into your own edge will provide the most growth in your relating journey, you will not be pushed, forced, or coerced to break your own boundaries. Instead, you will be empowered to identify and step towards your edge while honoring your own boundaries and the boundaries of others.

Is this a welcome place for LBGTQ+ participants?

This program focuses on the inherent masculine and feminine energies flowing within each of us and is not bound by gender or sexual identity. And, your instructors have both personal and professional experience in the gender-fluid, non-heteronormative world.

Can you tell me more about the Intensives?

Our Intensives are opportunities to go deeper and meet your edges in person with members of this tight- knit cohort. Each Intensive will begin Friday evening and end Sunday evening, with full days of practice and time to integrate, decompress, and socialize. Our Intensives are held in Airbnbs that we magically transform into sacred playful practice spaces. Precise locations will be shared with you upon acceptance to the program.

What if I miss a call?

Calls will be recorded and available to participants. If you know in advance you will miss a session, tell Ted & Kari during your interview. Repeated absences may impact your ability to remain in the program.

About Ted & Kari


Ted Riter
is a Relationship Coach, Men’s Work Trainer,
and Spiritual Leader.

He has 25+ years of experience
in guiding individuals and couples

through their relationships,
and is known for his playful and heart-centered approach
to personal growth and relating.
In addition to coaching and leading his own programs,
Ted leads embodiment programs
for internationally recognized teacher and author
John Wineland.

Kari Kinkead
is a Sexuality and Intimacy Coach,
Women’s group leader,
and embodiment practitioner
assisting and getting certification through
John Wineland’s Teacher Training program.
Kari works one on one with clients and couples to create the kind of relationship
to sexuality and intimacy
they desire
as well as leads groups
in explorations of
sensuality, pleasure, and kink. 
For more information on Kari, visit her website.

90 Days
18 People
Six 2-hour Video Calls
Two 3-day In-Person Intensives
Online Private Community Forum
Admission is by application and interview only

Tuition does not include expenses for Intensive travel, food, or lodging.