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Empowered Leadership Training is one-to-one or group coaching that focuses on building and rebuilding trust in professional life.
The fundamental belief of this program is that it is not enough to APPEAR trustable.
The real work is BECOMING trustable and LEARNING to trust.

Positive Intelligence

Mental Fitness

Empowered Leadership Training is often paired with a 6-week mental fitness program to improve performance and productivity, and lead to a calmer, clearer and happier mind.

Based on the neuroscience research of Shirzad Chamine, author of the New York Times best-selling book, Positive Intelligence, and a Stanford lecturer, this is a deep dive into understanding the critical voices (saboteurs) that hold you back and helps you move toward accessing your wisest self (sage) in moments of decision-making through the day. 

The program includes:

  • Positive Intelligence app with daily reminders for the day’s focus, challenges, and reflections.

  • Weekly pre-recorded video teaching concepts from Shirzad Chamine.

  • Weekly group or private sessions led by Ted to review the week’s learnings and apply them to your life.

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