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The role of Chief of Staff continues to grow in corporate and nonprofit America.

While the responsibilities for this role vary from organization to organization, within organizations, and even between predecessors and successors, there are common challenges across the board for chiefs of staff.

My focus on Chiefs of Staff, their relationships with their Execs, and their roles as part of larger teams, grew out of my own experience as a Chief of Staff and later senior leader – though without holding either of these formal titles.

For more on the unique role of Chiefs of Staff: "It's Lonely Near the Top: Challenges for Chiefs of Staff"



February 2020: San Francisco and Silicon Valley

The Chief of Staff Mastermind will focus on:

  • Peer Network: Creating community based in confidentiality and vulnerability.

  • Hive Mind: Drawing on the wisdom of our peers in a supportive environment.

  • Accountability: Holding each other firmly and compassionately to our best selves as leaders and people.

  • Training: Expanding our capacity to lead through mindfulness and embodiment practices.

  • Goals: Setting inspiring goals professionally and personally.

  • Growth: Owning our leadership.

The Chief of Staff Mastermind will be a select group of leaders who are force multipliers, making an impact in their organization, and ready to rise to the next level.

Each cohort will meet once per month in person for six months, and each Chief of Staff will have one coaching conversation with me once per month in person or via Zoom web conferencing.

If you register before December 31st, we’ll start our monthly coaching conversations immediately.

To learn more about the Chief of Staff Mastermind, contact me directly: or schedule a time for us to meet by phone or zoom



Coaching and training programs are individually crafted
to meet the unique needs and goals
of each Chief of Staff and organizational client.

Programs may include:
Social and Emotional Intelligence Assessments
360 Reviews
Accountability Structures
Action Plans
Skills Building Exercises
Communication and Trust Practices




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